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The IOI Central Boulevard Towers project, completed in 2024, marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD).

This prestigious Grade A office complex, boasting 1.26 million sq ft of premium office space alongside 30,000 sq ft of retail and F&B space, embodies modernity and efficiency.

Comprising two towering edifices – one reaching 48 storeys and the other 16, with double the footprint – stands as a testament to architectural excellence and urban development.

The Challenge

The journey to completion was fraught with obstacles, notably the extensive delays caused by COVID-19 and the challenges of constructing high-rise buildings within the bustling CBD area.

The absence of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) considerations in the base design, coupled with the lack of a live model from the General Contractor (GC), further complicated the project.

Moreover, coordinating interfaces with various authorities, such as integration with common services tunnels and proximity to the MRT line, required meticulous planning and innovation.

The Active Fire Solution

In response to solving these challenges and complexities, the Active Fire project team implemented advanced fire safety solutions, including core riser modules that spanned across the floors and an integrated pump module extending to the uppermost floor.

This strategic approach ensured a seamless and efficient installation process, significantly enhancing the safety and reliability of the buildings.

The Result

By implementing DfMA practices in the project, remarkable outcomes were achieved, demonstrating the power of innovation in overcoming adversity.

Cost reductions of 30% were realised by minimising material waste, optimising manufacturing processes, and improving assembly methods.

The construction schedule was accelerated by 60%, thanks to better team coordination and the efficiency of plug-and-play installations.

Quality assurance and control measures were enhanced by 100%, resulting in a 95% reduction in installation errors and rework. This meticulous attention to detail fostered higher-quality fire protection systems, boosting the reliability and performance of the towers.

Additionally, the project saw reductions in project risks and lifecycle costs, enhancing the facilities’ asset value, culminating in a projected ROI increase of up to 35% and a 100% competitive advantage in the market.

Importantly, the project showcased and demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, achieving a 30% decrease in environmental impact through reduced carbon emissions and material conservation.