The Active Fire Journey

Established in 2001, Active Fire stands at the forefront of fire safety and protection in Singapore and across Asia.

With a rich history spanning more than two decades, we pride ourselves on being a total fire solutions provider, specialising in the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of turnkey fire protection systems.

Heading into the future, we are again changing and leading the fire protection industry with digitalised processes and systems, module prefabrication using innovative automation and robotic technologies, and intelligent system design with the help of AI.

As seasoned professionals in the fire protection industry, Mr. Dominic Ang Paul Leng and Mr. Chua Cheng Kong identified a significant gap in the market for innovative and sustainable fire safety solutions beyond conventional approaches.

Driven by the evolving landscape of the industry, Active Fire is committed to establishing a company that leverages cutting-edge technology and strategic insights to provide superior fire protection systems.

The vision was anchored in an unwavering dedication to excellence, safety, and a proactive stance on fire safety management.

With firm conviction and a determination to revolutionise the industry, Active Fire was created.

Striving for Excellence

Active Fire quickly established itself as a dominant player in Singapore’s fire protection industry by achieving significant milestones and introducing industry-first innovations.

The company’s commitment to quality and safety has earned it prestigious recognitions, such as the ISO 9001:2015 and bizSAFE Star certification.

Known for its proficiency in executing complex projects through customised solutions, Active Fire has set new benchmarks in fire protection services.

The company is distinguished by its successful integration of green technologies and digital transformation efforts, positioning it as a leader in the field.

Drive towards Sustainability

Active Fire is deeply committed to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, positioning sustainability and social responsibility at the heart of its operations.

The company’s dedication to environmental stewardship is exemplified through its development of “green” fire protection solutions and prioritisation of sustainable practices.

By aligning its business strategies with ESG goals, Active Fire not only advances fire safety but also champions a responsible business approach that respects both people and the planet.

This commitment to sustainability and ethical practices underpins Active Fire’s vision for a safer, more responsible future in fire protection.

Tomorrow’s Fire Protection, Reimagined

Active Fire is on a steadfast path towards redefining the landscape of fire safety and protection across Asia.

Leveraging cutting-edge fire protection methods, the company aims to meet the future demands of fire safety with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and digital excellence.

Envisioning a future where fire protection transcends asset and life safety, Active Fire is committed to pioneering sustainable practices and utilising digital advancements to foster smarter, safer living environments.

Leadership for Change

The Active Fire leadership, characterised by strategic foresight, ethical integrity, and a commitment to their workforce, has been instrumental in guiding the company towards its ambitious objectives.

This approach has fostered a culture of innovation and collective excellence.

The emphasis on ethical practices and team development has created a conducive environment for breakthroughs and enduring success.

With a foundation built on safety, innovation, and continuous improvement, Active Fire values a skilled, professional team dedicated to excellence.

The collaborative ethos and focus on stakeholder satisfaction have propelled the company to the forefront of the industry, achieving excellence and ensuring client and partner satisfaction.