Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is a design approach that focuses on simplifying the design of products to make them easier to manufacture and assemble.

This methodology aims to minimise the manufacturing and assembly costs while maintaining high-quality standards, reducing the complexity of construction, and enhancing the efficiency of the overall process.

DfMA represents the next leap in more efficient and effective deployment of fire protection systems. Our whole-of-organisation adoption of DfMA principles reflects our strong belief in this approach and our commitment to leading the industry towards a future where safety, efficiency, and sustainability are paramount and of equal measure.

Through DfMA, we are leading and setting new benchmarks for the fire protection industry in Singapore and beyond.

Benefits of DfMA

DfMA offers several key benefits that align perfectly with the objectives of the modern construction and manufacturing sectors.

  • Reduced Construction Time

    By streamlining the design and production processes, DfMA significantly shortens project timelines.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Simplifying designs helps in reducing manufacturing costs, leading to overall project cost savings.

  • Improved Quality

    Standardized components and controlled manufacturing environments elevate product quality.

  • Enhanced Safety

    With fewer on-site construction activities, there’s a substantial reduction in workplace hazards.

  • Sustainability

    DfMA supports sustainability through waste reduction, less site disturbance, and more efficient use of materials.

Active Fire's DfMA Process

Strategic Planning

Beginning with a comprehensive analysis of fire protection requirements, We devise strategic plans that incorporate DfMA principles from the outset.

Design Optimisation

Each design is optimised for manufacturing and assembly, ensuring that components are not only robust and functional, but also streamlined for efficient production.

Collaborative Engineering

Active Fire works closely with suppliers and partners to refine designs for manufacturability, ensuring seamless integration and assembly.

Active Fire’s DfMA Modules

We offer a range of ready-to-deploy systems and modules that cater to various aspects of fire protection.

  • Distribution - Horizontal

  • Distribution - Vertical

  • Plant - Skid

  • Plant - PPVC