AF Base

Our Pioneering Vision

AF Base stands as a forefront institution in the Fire Protection Industry, embodying a spirit of innovation and productivity. Positioned as the pioneering Smart Factory within this sector, it leads the way in redefining traditional manufacturing practices. Specialising in Automated Fire Sprinkler Pipes and DFMA Modules for Industry 4.0, the AF Base reshapes the landscape of fire protection manufacturing.

Within its cutting-edge facilities, we harnesses state-of-the-art technologies to seamlessly integrate digital and physical processes. Through advanced automation, the factory optimises production, enhancing efficiency and precision. This steadfast commitment to innovation ensures that we not only meets but surpasses industry standards, delivering products of unmatched safety and reliability.

The Active Fire Experience

Active Fire’s Experience Centre merges innovation with the company’s history, offering an immersive space that showcases both. It features the latest fire protection technology alongside exhibits highlighting Active Fire’s evolution as an industry leader. Visitors engage with interactive VR displays and curated exhibits, experiencing the past, present, and future of fire safety. The Centre serves as a hub for collaboration and education, inviting visitors to explore the forefront of fire protection innovation while connecting with Active Fire’s vision for the future