AF Spectrum

A Revolution E-management Built Specifically For The Fire Protection Industry In Singapore

Active Fire Spectrum in short “AF Spectrum” is the only E-Management system deployed in Singapore and specially made for the Fire Industry in the Service and Maintenance of Fire Protection Assets for stake holders in Singapore’s Building and Construction Industry.

Active Fire support and development team each has more than 25 years of experience in the fire protection industry to know exactly what stake holders and the Authority having Jurisdictions i.e. Singapore Civil Defense Force, Building & Construction Authority, Insurance Companies, Risk Surveyors etc. needs over Fire Protection assets and more importantly what the field fire protection technicians need to do to keep Fire Protection assets the way it was built for, specifically to the Service and Maintenance of Fire Protection Assets in compliance to the Singapore Standard Code of Practices.

Active Fire Spectrum works on a web based cloud platform and on any android mobile devices to provide all of our field fire protection technicians with all the information they require to complete the task. The required Singapore Standard Code of Practices Test and Maintenance Standards are loaded into the Active Fire Spectrum app which will ensure that field tests are completed and most importantly in full compliance of the relevant codes of practices.

Customers, Property and Fire Protection Assets information are also critical to technicians as part of the Active Fire Spectrum app and automatic pop up messages and safety messages (if any which relates to special requirement of the building owner) advise our field fire protection technicians of specific site requirements and protocols.

The main features of the Active Fire Spectrum which is proprietary to our research and development are:


  • Powerful reporting functions in the Active Fire Spectrum will ensure that our Service Department delivers and get information required to our stakeholders almost instantly. Examples are Monthly Activity Reports, Tests Reports, etc
  • Active Fire Spectrum knows what kind of reports and records are critical to stakeholders and authority having the jurisdiction requires.
  • Active Fire Spectrum prints Assets Register, Monthly Test Reports, and Annual Fire Safety Certificate Test Reports (FSC) etc...
  • Stakeholders simply log-in through the Active Fire Spectrum portal function to have it printed. Critical defects and repair proposals are also stored and available at the click of a button
  • Active Fire Spectrum reports and test checklists can also be tailored to stakeholder’s needs and to complying to different reporting requirement from stakeholder’s insurance companies, risk surveyors, corporate etc...

Asset Maintenance

  • Active Fire Spectrum manages stake holder’s assets and track critical information such as pressure and flow tests results, system performance test results, inspection dates using the state-of-the-art NFC technology for all of the stake holder’s fire protection assets.
  • Active Fire Spectrum uses the Singapore Standard Code of Practices to ensure full compliance and consistency for all of the stake holder’s assets in the maintenance regime

Field Maintenance Scheduling

  • Active Fire Spectrum specifically schedules all stakeholders’ Fire Protection assets ensuring that assets are scheduled for service and completed in line with the Singapore Standard Code of Practice and contractual requirement.
  • Stakeholder can assess schedule which provides key dates for their asset week, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc inspections and testing


  • Active Fire Spectrum manages and track all defects on stakeholder’s assets