Service & Maintenance

Without proper and regular monitoring, servicing and maintenance, even the best-designed and implemented systems can fail.

At Active Fire, we go beyond setting up the system and provide customers a solution for perpetual alertness, so that lives and assets are safeguarded at all times.

Further to the standard equipment and system checks, we offer a comprehensive range of additional benefits to customers that stay true to Active Fire’s holistic approach to fire protection and prevention:

Response within 2 hours for breakdown island-wide

  • Technician goes on-site and provides immediate rectification where possible
  • Limits impairment and downtime to customer

Comprehensive training on fire safety and equipment

  • Using modern teaching methods; explained in layman terms so that end users can understand easily
  • Manuals and guides readily available online via our Customer Portal

Customer Service

  • We respond to every inquiry within 24 hours

AF Spectrum

Beyond physical servicing, we develop checklists and protocols with stringent code compliance to industry standards, for proper and systematic recording of all activities that our personnel perform on site.

Customers can have quick and easy access - through our proprietary software platform, AF Spectrum - to all checklists and service reports used by our service personnel when carrying out routine tests and system checks on site.

We provide full assurance and accountability of our service and maintenance to give customers complete peace of mind.

Easy Access
to Checklists