Assistant Technician

Job Scope

  • Responsible for providing servicing and maintenance duties to the Project Management Department and the Project Work Sites under the directions of HOD Service and Senior Technician


  • Assist in completing all preventive maintenance service requests according to the schedule
  • Assist in attending to unscheduled maintenance requests in response to equipment breakdown / malfunction
  • Support the installation, commissioning, calibrating and testing of equipment at project work sites
  • Assist in monitoring and maintaining all equipment and maintenance systems at Project Work Sites and Active Fire’s office
  • Comply with safety procedures as set by Active Fire’s Safety Department
  • Support Senior Technician in completing maintenance reports and break-down charts by using Active Fire’s formats/templates at intervals / time periods set by HOD Service
  • Provide timely feedback on maintenance issues to HOD Service and Senior Technician


  • ITE or Nitec in Engineering
  • No experience required. However, 1 years’ hands-on experience as a technician preferably in construction or fire protection environment would be an advantage
  • Ability to work effectively with project and site supervisors, senior technicians and assistant technicians
  • Ability to work within tight deadlines, manage multiple tasks
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude towards learning on the job and willing to take on new tasks and challenges
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