Our Methodology

Prevention is better than cure.

Central to our success is the application of our P.R.E.ACTs methodology – a comprehensive and systematic approach to every project undertaking; that affirms each stage of a complete implementation through a rigorous quality assurance process.



Good planning is half the battle won. Instead of starting work without proper study or pushing generic, one-size-fits-all fire protection modules, we take pains and time to understand the customer’s true concerns and needs, and plan with meticulous care to lay a good foundation that reduces, if not eliminate, chances of failure.

  • Understand customer’s situation and exact needs and requirements
  • Study and research possibilities and limitations of customer’s facilities
  • Plan and design system that fulfills the objectives of the customer


One can never play it too safe. To eliminate or reduce margins of error to the minimum, we are stringent and critical of our own designs and conduct all possible checks and test to ascertain that our system can be relied upon to protect properties and lives in event of emergency.

  • Conduct quality control checks to ensure operational readiness and full compatibility with the customer’s needs and objectives
  • Measure and determine actual effectiveness of system via repeated validation and testing
  • Review and revise plans to enhance and improve capability and performance of system


Our job is only complete when a system is installed and implemented accordingly to exactly how we have planned it. Our team of experienced engineers, supervisors and skilled tradesmen does the hard work on-site to ensure proper deployment without compromising on the necessary tests and control checks.

  • Install and deploy required systems and modules according to plan
  • Systems check and validate design full testing before activation
  • Activate and ready to safeguard assets and lives